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Default Re: My new kit (big sizes,refinished)

Originally Posted by 412drummer View Post
I did not remove the wraps on them because of fear of damage. I began to try to remove them (using a few different techniques I seen on here) and saw that it was going to peel the wood. I am not sure what these used on these older drum but it was defiantly a stronger adhesive because I have removed wraps on newer drums with ease. What I ended up doing was sanding down the wraps and putting several plain red base coats that were close matching to the red sparkle. I then applied the red sparkle over top of the red. I would have preferred to remove the wraps because it generally would of been less product and work but this was the only way to do it I felt without peeling the wood apart.
I've killed a few junk drums by taking off the wrap when it didn't want to be removed. Fortunately, I've never killed a nice drum that way! Kit looks great. Nice work.
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