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Default My new kit (big sizes, refinished)

Most of these drums including two of the "floor toms" and one rack tom were found in a junk car. The one actual floor tom with legs was from my place off a no name kit. The bass drum was the only drum purchased. I saw a kit for sale cheap on cl and I wanted the bass drum and the hardware that was included alone made it worth the purchase and long drive to buy (about an hour an a half each way). The bass drum is actually a marching drum converted to a bass drum. The two floating 15 in toms were actually marching snares. They were leedy and Ludwig but everything about them was bad (missing parts, some wood needed work, the finishes were horrid, badges mostly gone, hoops destroyed, all they had going for them was the shell was in tact). The 13 in rack tom was from a junk car but I am not sure on brand ( I think slingerland) and in similar shape. Anyway I bought new hoops, rods etc.., cleaned up the lugs, and refinished them in red sparkle. The red sparkle does not show to well in this pic because it was taken in a dark attic with my cellphone. All in all this project took a lot of time but I do think I will keep this one.
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