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Default Re: My crazy drum kits!

Introducing the Crazy Mini Buffalo Kit! 8" snare, 10" tom, and a 14" bass drum - all mounted to the snare stand. It took a little wrangling with clamps to get the bass drum stable and positioned correctly. I'm no fan of muffling drums, but the 14" Buffalo drum was a little too pingy, so I put some foam in it. The foam really gives it a nice thud. The tom is very high pitched and the snare is super dry and popcorny. The whole thing weighs about 8 pounds (including the snare stand). I played it for about an hour last night and it's really sweet. It would be great for busking - super portable and it sounds decent. I'm going to cut down some crappy hi-hats that I have toa 10" diameter and use them with this kit - the 14" hi-hats are kind of loud! Read all about it on my blog - Crazy Drum Kits!

Click here to see a video of me playing it. Use headphones or decent speakers - this was shot with a crummy camera.

I'll post some pics soon.
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