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Default Re: Electronic drum recomendations

Originally Posted by superswade View Post
Also should feel as much like a real kit as possible etc. Essentially all things considered price vs. quality vs. playability what is a good kit to get for $1500 and under?
No e-kit feels like real drums but anything with mesh heads comes closest IMO. The Yammies will either have rubber pads (like that Kat you should stay away from) or silicone which feels like hitting a foam mattress (to me at least).
Then again people complain about the bounciness of mesh so try out as many pad types as you can before purchasing.

Originally Posted by sjshooter View Post
Pads are important, but so is the module/brain that makes the sounds. Not so sure about that kit you linked. Try and go to a GC and play some of the mid-range Yamahas and Rolands. The TD-11 is in your range and would blow that white thing out of the water.
+1 on that- all mesh heads (except for the kick) and a decent module.
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