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Default TASCAM US 1800 audio interface

I'm looking to purchase an audio interface. I've done some research and have searched the forums already. The TASCAM US 1800 is mentioned and recommended on numerous threads. I also looked on a few home recording forms and there were some issues that were brought up that weren't addressed here.

First of all, the features of the US 1800 meet or exceed all of my needs. My concern is over reliability and warranty issues. Numerous users have reported that their unit would output static or stop working suddenly for no apparent reason. Sometimes a simple reboot would take care of the problem. Sometimes the unit would be defective and would need to be replaced or repaired. Which brings up the warranty issue. People have reported that since the US 1800 is packaged with Cubase LE, It cannot be returned and can only be repaired. I think that even though it has a one or two year warranty, after 90 days only the parts are covered, not the labor.

Has anyone experienced anything like this? Even though it is very affordable, I don't want to spend $250 for something that will turn into a doorstop six months down the road. I would much rather spend a little more money in order to get a more robust interface.

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