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Default Re: Ever been called a hipster?

Hipsters, absolutely, in Atlanta they wear bowling shirts, or, you know, that style of shirt. And skinny fitting trousers. Now I'll tell you about those trousers. I thought they looked great, much better than the dumb-looking old hippie jeans I was wearing. So you know what? It's Levis 511. And they fit me great! No big deal.

And they're not just jeans. They come in brown, and black, and gray, blah blah. I picked up two at Macy's on Sunday when they were having a special.

Hipsters also wear straw hats and have little mustaches and goatees. It's a real style, alright.

It's a sort of California 60s beatnik looking kind of thing. They should be carrying bongoes, and hanging around Ed Big Daddy Roth's garage.
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