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Default Re: Ever been called a hipster?

Originally Posted by Armor of Light View Post
Single speed bike (avid MTB'er...had a SS since '04)
Vinyl LP's (never got rid of them..always liked them)
Obscure musical taste (C'mon we're drummers)
Retro style glasses (I have them, but as a tribute to engineers of the past)
Ironic T-shirts (again..we're drummers so funny amusing t-shirts have always been cool)

I don't know what to do now. I can't have people thinking I'm trying to be a hipster at my age now can I?
I try not to follows trends, but everything you mentioned I like. Single Speed bike, check, but mine was vintage welded frame beach cruiser with monster handle bars. Built it myself.
Had to dump it at the dumpster when I moved out of my old apartment when my wife left me. It didn't sit at that dumpster for more than 2 minutes before somebody grabbed it. Damn.
-Vinyl? Had a good collection of rare Hendrix and some other classic rock, plus a lot of good 45's of punk music and stuff. It got stolen from my mom's house when I stored it there.
-Obscure musical taste? Check. Ever heard of John Gorka or a guy named Bookbinder? Probably not. Does anybody here even listen to Kimock? Anybody else here play the Autoharp?
Retro-style glasses? Nope. Don't need them, hopefully never will. But, if I did, chances are I would go for retro.
Ironic t-shirts? Of course! The shirt I was wearing at our gig last Saturday said "Don't bro me if you don't know me". Everybody digs that shirt for some odd reason.

Believe me, in no way do I try to be a hipster. I loathe people who try to be trendy, but I can't help my tastes. I would never wear tight pants or get a tattoo. Tattoos are for jailbirds and sailors, but now everybody want to get inked. I just don't think ink on skin is that big of a deal. Just being a drummer is cool enough for me.
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