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Default Re: ...for the jazz cats ...

So I took my daughter to see Dave Holland and Kenny Barron at the Detroit Symphony Orchestra Hall last Friday night. It was a sublime duet performance by two masters. They dedicated the night's performance to Mulgrew and spoke about what a beautiful cat he was.

Kenny Barron is a favorite, but I have never had the chance to see Dave Holland live before. I've had a couple near-misses, including a couple years ago at the Detroit Jazz Festival. Dave gave an interview and answered questions the day he was supposed to perform, but a thunderstorm later that evening sent (most of) us scurrying to our cars and home for the night before Dave's band could perform.

Well, the next day, I read in the paper that the local hotel agreed to have Dave's band play in the house bar. Just an impromptu decision so Dave's show could go on despite the weather. And by all accounts, it was fantastic. An inspired performance that critics said was the highlight of the festival. And I friggin' missed it.

Well, I finally got to watch the master at work. Dave Holland is ridiculous. Just insanely good. And he's a perfect pairing for Kenny Barron. Both, you can tell, deeply respect each other. The musical chemistry was magnificent, and the acoustics of that fine venue provided a great mix. No subtlety was lost.

They did some of their originals, as well as classics by composers like Bird and Miles. The audience loved them and gave them their propers.

If you have the chance to see these two, do not miss it!
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