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Default So, I finally got my kit reassembled!

Until yesterday, I haven't gotten the chance to play my kit in over a year. The lugs were breaking off left and right, so I set it aside, as I couldn't affort to replace them all at the time, and I'm primarily a guitarist. Well, I finally ordered replacement lugs and put it all back together.

Here's a picture:

Yes, it's wrapped in a hideous pink camo kevlar, and yes, I'm a grown man playing it. The funny thing is, we had a friend of ours come over today, because he's filling in on drums for our show this weekend. He got to our practice space and noticed the drums that he would be playing on. They used to belong to him! He traded them in at a local store, and I bought them shortly after.

Anyhow, It's a Ddrum Diablo She-Punx kit. Sounds great for a beginner kit
20" Kick
14" Floor tom
12" Rack tom
14" Mapex MPX birch snare
14" Sabian AAX Fast Hats
16" Sabian AAX Stage Crash
16" Sabian XS20 Medium Thin Crash (Sounds way better than the AAX, and is way cheaper)
20" Paiste Sound Formula Dry Ride
DW 5000 Single pedal
Dixson Bass Drum Lift

I am in love with this kit. From the gaudy finish, to the sizes and tone. It's an amazing shell pack for $200
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