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Default Tom in a snare stand PROBLEM SOLVER

Ok, we've talked before about having a tom in the snare basket, and what stands work better, rubber tip vs plastic yada yada.

The problem solver for using any stand is the Little Booty Shaker.

At the Chicago Vintage Drum show, they did a product demo mini-clinic, and so I bought some, and man, do they ever WORK.
It's like the tom is held up in your hand, and not in a stand at all! More sustain and resonance than even a RIMS mount.

I had great luck with the Pearl stands with the "air suspension" type grips, and the Ludwig Atlas stands with their minimal contact grips, but these LBS things are GREAT. The tom sounded really good before, but now it's really come ALIVE with these little foam things.

Here's a link to the site for what I'm talking about, if anyone hasn't heard or seen these yet:

I'm getting another set for a second stand, because it's such a noticeable difference and improvement--even with the "better" stands.

Thought I'd pass it on!
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