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Default Re: What drum mics should I purchase?

For 300 dollars your not going to get much like was said. I don't think your going to be able to afford a decent mixer even used. I would forget getting fancy with the drum micing and just buy 2 brand new shure sm57s and the 2 cheapest stands that will get them above your drumset. Just put the sm57s in front of your set and point them in a x patern one pointed across the snare and high hat but not right at it above it parralel to the ground and do the same with the oppisite just pointing at your floor tom.

It will probably actually give you a really decent sound and when you get the money for more advanced set ups you will still have 2 really good mics you can use in conjunction with other mics you will buy.

If you do want to get a cheap mixer it just get the cheapest berringer they have that suits your needs. It will be ok for a live set up don't try useing mixers like that for recording though and expect decent results.
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