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Default Re: Show Off your SONOR DRUMS.

Don't laugh. I'm posting this for very sentimental reasons.

This is my Sonor 503 kit. I paid 80 for this about 12 months ago. After a near decade hiatus from music, and some really quite tough times, and having just gone through expensive divorce proceedings, this is all, literally, that I could afford to pay.

The kit has served me well over the past year or so. It's rehearsed with me on a weekly basis, and joined me for the ride on my dream gig, a gig which I had never dreamed of doing during my lifetime, supporting a band who, from the age of 10 to 20, I worshipped. To then play a support slot for this band, was a dream come true, and my cheap, battered, Sonor didn't let me down.

With a heavy heart I upgraded my drums today, and for gigging purposes will now be using a Gretsch Catalina Club Mod, which I hope serves me as well.

It's not all over for the good old Sonors though, as they will still be my rehearsal kit where I can try to hone my completely unimpressive drum skills to the greatest extent my feable capabilities can manage.

Thank you Sonor, for your expertise.

(PS: cant seem to post the pic lol...will do so from home later)
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