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Default Electronic drum recommendations

I'm looking to buy and electronic kit for home recording (Cubase) and was wondering what type of kits people would recommend. I actually don't even play drums (I'm a guitarist) but was looking to have the kit available so when drummer friends came over they could lay down beats and we could jam etc. Basically I'm looking for something that sounds good on it's own but could also trigger VSTs in Cubase. Also should feel as much like a real kit as possible etc. Essentially all things considered price vs. quality vs. playability what is a good kit to get for $1500 and under?

A friend who is a pro drummer recommended the KAT pads/kits. This one looks pretty decent and there are some good demos on YouTube too where it sounds good:

Another drummer friend and I went out to Guitar Center the other day and checked out the Roland and Yamaha kits they had there. The Rolands seemed higher quality but were quite expensive and I know there are a lot more options than just those too, but that's all Guitar Center seems to carry in stock.

Just wondering what my options were and if anyone had any suggestions.

Thanks! Scott
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