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Strain OC. The image is blurry, but I'm behind the white drum set. The blue drum set is also mine. The keyboard player is an English guy
who is generous enough to show up and play gigs with us.
He doesn't need much rehearsal like I do. The guy in front of me is the glue
that holds the band together. If it wasn't for him, there would be no band.
The guy on the right with his back turned is playing his second show this night.
He just came from a gig in the San Fernando Valley (LA) that he played with his other band, Healios.
He writes most of the lyrics and does a good job at it too.
There two other guys on the right that you can't see, the bassist and 3rd guitarist,
both holding down the fort with our second drummer, who kicks out some great beats, and myself.
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