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Default Re: Does Pearl Hardware still rock?

Originally Posted by Milt Hathaway View Post
I haven't kept up with their cymbal stand offerings, but I am of the opinion that their S1000 snare stand is second to none.
Absolutely. The only comparable stand that I've seen is the Ludwig Atlas Pro "Pillar Clutch" thing, but I haven't examined it thoroughly.

Originally Posted by audiotech View Post
BTW, The Pearl 900 stands have features that many of the more expensive stands from other manufacturers don't have at this price range. Uni-Lock cymbal tilters and memory locks just off the top of my head.

Their 900 hardware is very solid. I actually much, much prefer the boom stands over the 1000 series boom stands because the boom arm tilter is a solid single-nut adjustment with a knurled tube rather than their gross-looking and (imo) prone to stripping 1000 series tilters with what I believe are hollow boom arms. Using those during marching season (as attachments to a marimba crossbar) is an absolute pain.
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