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Default Re: What drum mics should I purchase?

Originally Posted by Parthor1 View Post

....I play mostly rock and metal music....

.... I just need some method to amplify my playing....

Not a lot of info to go on. What sticks are you using? Maybe you just need some heavyweight 2B's or larger and a heavy handed playing style.
You might end up breaking cymbals and heads going that route though. LOL

If you play loud trashy music, just need to be heard, and aren't too concerned about quality, just get a cheap set of mics. There's several at GC for $99:

If you'd like a little better quality, think you might like to record with them some time, and can stretch your budget to $399, I'd say you wouldn't go too wrong with these:

Yes, you'll need cables, and if you use more than one mic, you'll need some way to mix them down.
You'll also need some way to amplify the mixed down sounds.

Triggering presents its own set of problems - especially for cymbals and hi hats.
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