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Default Re: My Sonor Essential Force doublebass setup

Originally Posted by Jounari View Post
How do you like those meinl classics custom extreme metal-cymbals? How does the hat and china work?
I love the china, it has a really aggressive bite to it, and gets quickly out of the way. It really doesn't sound like a cheaper cymbal at all, and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a nice china for little money (allthough more than a Wuhan...).
As for the hats, they are really bright and aggressive as well, works almost only in semi-open position. It works allright for practice at the moment, but I'm thinking about using it as an aux hat in the future, and getting "pro" level hats as main. Allthough I have 14" Meinl Soundcaster Fusion Medium Hats as well, just using them mainly with another band.

Originally Posted by Basswood
Great! Are you happy with how it sound, and how does it sound?
I think right now it sounds really thunderous and deep, really nice for anything hard rock/metal. The toms gets slightly muffled with those Black Chromes though, I don't know if I'll try something a bit more open sounding next time. But right now, for using this kit only for metal music, it sounds killer :). I definately would recommend the Sonor Essential Force for anybody looking into a cheaper kit that still sounds really good. But I have a Starclassic Maple kit as well though (just not as big) that gets most of the work both on the road (at least for more secured gigs) and in the studio.

Originally Posted by Grace:)
Beautiful looking kit! Really loving the black hoops on the kick drums too - do they come as standard or did you swap them yourself?
Thank you, I bought them seperately, they are Gibraltar all black hoops. And I agree with you, it makes a really nice touch to these drums, looks way better than the standard ones that are red on the outside, and no laquer on the inside.
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