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Default Re: Ever been called a hipster?

Originally Posted by Anthony Amodeo View Post
OG is a west coast originated term

commonly referring to the west coast 70s gangsta life style.....which later Snoop and the Dog Pound revived and re popularized in the early 90s with the laid back style and classic Cadillacs and what not

you will find a lot of those OG cats sitting on the front porch with the oldies station on.

the term was popularized nationally by Ice T's 1991 album entitled OG Original Gangster
Well at least I know the roots of this thing now. Thanks Ant for the reference.

Back on topic, last night I had to play the Meatloaf song "Paradise by the Dashboard Light" at a sub gig with no rehearsal. It was only my first time playing that song and I had to do it with people I never met before. Kinda proud that I nailed it. It was a double 50th birthday party for a couple. There was no kale there though. No potatoes either. Plenty of Chinese food and Italian pastries though. (wacky combination, right?)
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