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Default Re: Is it me or are the new Evans 360 G2 Coated heads sounding thinner?

Originally Posted by JJBoogie View Post
I hear you Dennis! I just dropped a little bit of dough for my snare and toms today. I grabbed some Vintage Emperors. I have a feeling I will be spending much more money on other heads. I am still trying to find out what works best on my Grestch Renowns. I am wanting a deep ambient sound with short/medium sustain.

It may turn out that the Renowns are just not for me. Long story how I wound up with them.

Hi! Ive found pretty good results with the coated G plus all around and a GMAD on the kick...Of course I had my edges recut with a USA custom "type" edge... I would say they(g plus) provide the sound you are describing... but everybody hears it a little differently...
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