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Default Re: Guitar Centre Stick Club

If you think about it the math is wrong and you're not really saving much money!

5 bucks a month= 60 dollars total throughout the whole year given to you (minus the 20 you pay)

so 40 dollars given in a year, and remember that the money doesn't roll over nor can you buy sticks for 5 bucks. Lets say a stick is about 8 dollars minimum. There are 12 months in a year, you would still be spending 3 dollars for every month= 3x12= 36 dollars that you have to pay when buying a stick every month, plus the starting fee of 20

youre basically paying 20 dollars to be given back 40 dollars and the other 3 dollars is up to you (so 12x3 if you're buying sticks every month) which is 36 dollars, so you end up saving about 4 bucks in the year.

correct me if my math is wrong haha i just got up!
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