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Default My Sonor Essential Force doublebass setup

I just received my second bassdrum and 8x7" tom after 6 months waiting, so now I figured it was time to post some pics of my Sonor Essential Force kit (birch) in Amber Fade finish. I must say though, it was bad lightning in the practice room, and one of my Mapex Falcon pedals are not there at the moment (I used a Yamaha DFP9500 double pedal up until now that I got my second bassdrum). So please, no need to comment why I use two different pedals, since I normally don't :). Oh well, here are the specs:

2x 22x17,5" bassdrums (w/Aquarian SK2 batter)
8x7" tom (Evans Black Chrome/Evans G1)
10x8" tom (Evans Black Chrome/Evans G1)
12x9" tom (Evans Black Chrome/Evans G1)
14x14" tom (Evans Black Chrome/Evans G1)
16x16" tom (Evans Black Chrome/Evans G1)
14x6" Tama Starphonic Bronze snare, Ltd. Edition (Evans HD Dry/Hazy 300)

10" Meinl Soundcaster Fusion Splash
12" Paiste Signature Flanger Bell
14" Meinl Classics Custom Extreme Metal Hihats
16" Meinl Classics Custom Extreme China
18" Meinl Mb10 Medium Crash
18" Paiste Rude China
19" Meinl Byzance Medium Thin Crash
22" Paiste 2oo2 Rock Bell Ride

HW etc:
Gibraltar Rack, Mapex Falcon pedals (only one pictured), Pearl H2000 hihatstand, Pearl/Tama stands/holders. 2x ddrum Acustic Pro bassdrumtriggers, Alesis DM10 module, 2x Gibraltar all black bassdrum hoops (I think it looks better than the regular ones that are not laquered on the inside).

Plans for the kit: maybe get another set of hihats down the road, and put the Classics as aux-hats (already have a x-hat holder), and put my second Falcon pedal there, of course... Also, maybe a third crash right in the middle of the kit, over the two splashes.
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