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Default Re: What's your favorite Single Pedal? I need some help!

Originally Posted by sbrennt View Post
Funny story. Today, i decided to tinker with my DW 5000 and see if I could resurrect it. I took it apart, looked for the parts that were causing all the problems, and it looked like all it needed was a new hinge, and a new cam. I then remembered I had another old DW5000 in my attic (I know, weird). It was one that had those little metal poles kind of like the modern 6000. I broke the pole assembly after a few months, and so i just just chucked it in the attic. I tracked it down today, salvaged the hinge and the cam, put it on my ole faithful 5000 and TADA! good as new! just saved myself nearly $200 today haha. hopefully i can get a few more years out of this thing now.

and if that was a let down, and you were waiting for me to choose the pedal of my dreams, i probably would have bought the Iron cobra power glide haha....

When the hinge goes (in the process of going) the side to side movement of the foot board causes the chain to wear away the teeth on the sprocket. This happens with all toothed cam chain drive pedals- CAMCO, DW etc.

DW did redesign their heel plate hinge in response and TAMA proceeded with the evolution of the CAMCO-IRON COBRA which follows the same dimensions of the CAMCO with beffier parts.

Other manufactures just eliminated the bottom teeth on the cam, or got rid of the teeth completely in favor of a grooved cam.
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