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Default Re: Disapointed in ProMark.

Originally Posted by IDDrummer View Post
I got a couple of hickory sticks that felt as light as balsa wood
This rings true with what I have seen in my neck of the woods. I don't wish to needlessly malign ProMark - especially if their new owners are trying to undo this problem - but some retailers near me are still selling these sub-par hickory sticks for full price and in some cases for more then their competitors' equivalent.

I used to play the ProMark Japanese oak 7ANs about 20 years ago when they had the red and black paint and was pretty happy with them until they changed the overall finish of the wood somehow. Recently I was at a local rehearsal studio that sells ProMark sticks and picked up a pair of hickory 7As (priced at around 9GBP) to test them out and was taken aback by how insubstantial they felt in my hands; I know 7A is not a particularly hefty gauge of stick but these felt more like timbale sticks.

If someone is genuinely trying to restore ProMark's good name then fair enough - but I suggest that a good start would be to either recall these b-stock sticks that are still quite common in my part of the world or at least compensate dealers sufficiently so that they can sell them at b-stock prices.
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