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Default Re: Yamaha FP pedal users... advice please?

Originally Posted by wildbill View Post
I don't usually do that, but I tried it after your post. If you slide straight up the pedal - no problem. If you slide at an angle, you can see the front of the foot board move a bit in the direction your foot is moving. Pretty sure this isn't anything from the spring rods though - it's from the flexible belt.

Anyways, give a holler back when you get the pedal, to see how you're getting on with it.

I kinda expect that sideways motion with the foot to be honest - you'd get that with a chain too. I have an OLD tama chain pedal that moves loads unless you strike straight.

Fingers crossed it'll be here early next week so I can give it a good run before my plethora of gigs in June!
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