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Default Re: What's your favorite Single Pedal? I need some help!

Funny story. Today, i decided to tinker with my DW 5000 and see if I could resurrect it. I took it apart, looked for the parts that were causing all the problems, and it looked like all it needed was a new hinge, and a new cam. I then remembered I had another old DW5000 in my attic (I know, weird). It was one that had those little metal poles kind of like the modern 6000. I broke the pole assembly after a few months, and so i just just chucked it in the attic. I tracked it down today, salvaged the hinge and the cam, put it on my ole faithful 5000 and TADA! good as new! just saved myself nearly $200 today haha. hopefully i can get a few more years out of this thing now.

and if that was a let down, and you were waiting for me to choose the pedal of my dreams, i probably would have bought the Iron cobra power glide haha....
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