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Default Re: Ever been called a hipster?

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I see the term hipster as a slightly positive thing, not negative. What is the difference between a hipster and a hippie? They sound very different. Like hipster can span a bigger time. You can be a jazzer and be a hipster, or you can be a classic rock guy and still be a hipster. A blues guy can certainly be a hipster. So it's less pigeonholed I think. But I could be totally wrong as usual. If you're a hippy, then you only had 4 or 5 years where hippies were trendy.

Recently the leader of my trio and I were called "2 OG's" by a dude passerby on the street. We thought it meant 2 old guys lol, but my 21 YO son informed me that they meant original gangsters. Now where that term came from I'm at a loss, not sure if he is even right, and I certainly don't feel like anything resembling a gangster. My bandleader is a lot more haggard looking than me with the whole chicken neck skin thing going on and he's pretty tall, so I think they were referring to him more than me (I hope).

But yea hipster. Not a derogatory thing, more like a calling it like it is thing. Like being a musician is a requirement for being a hipster. But you can be a hippy without being a musician.
OG is a west coast originated term

commonly referring to the west coast 70s gangsta life style.....which later Snoop and the Dog Pound revived and re popularized in the early 90s with the laid back style and classic Cadillacs and what not

you will find a lot of those OG cats sitting on the front porch with the oldies station on.

the term was popularized nationally by Ice T's 1991 album entitled OG Original Gangster
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