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Default Re: Ever been called a hipster?

I see the term hipster as a slightly positive thing, not negative. What is the difference between a hipster and a hippie? They sound very different. Like hipster can span a bigger time. You can be a jazzer and be a hipster, or you can be a classic rock guy and still be a hipster. A blues guy can certainly be a hipster. So it's less pigeonholed I think. But I could be totally wrong as usual. If you're a hippy, then you only had 4 or 5 years where hippies were trendy.

Recently the leader of my trio and I were called "2 OG's" by a dude passerby on the street. We thought it meant 2 old guys lol, but my 21 YO son informed me that they meant original gangsters. Now where that term came from I'm at a loss, not sure if he is even right, and I certainly don't feel like anything resembling a gangster. My bandleader is a lot more haggard looking than me with the whole chicken neck skin thing going on and he's pretty tall, so I think they were referring to him more than me (I hope).

But yea hipster. Not a derogatory thing, more like a calling it like it is thing. Like being a musician is a requirement for being a hipster. But you can be a hippy without being a musician.
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