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Default Re: Yamaha FP pedal users... advice please?

I have the 9500D and I like it a lot.

I will say that it has a feel all it's own. Even though Speed Kings are also direct drive, the feel of the two pedals is very different. The mechanics of the linkage, the different spring set-up, and the location/function of the hinge and heel plate on the Speed King make it a unique animal, IMO, To me, it is a very soft, forgiving pedal to play.

The Yamaha is extremely quiet and light, but it can be unforgiving if you aren't accustomed to it. Some drummers who play my kit really struggle with the pedal, the way I have it set up, to be honest. But the upside is that it is very sensitive, precise, and effortless to play if you have the right technique.

The strap drive Yamaha seems to have a more conventional feel, but is very light and smooth. If you feel like you have "sloppy" foot technique, you may feel more comfortable with it.

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