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Default Video recording E Kit covers

Hi guys, wondered if anyone could help me with this.
I want to upload some videos of me jamming to some CD tracks on my Yamaha DTX kit. I am going to purchase a USB mixer (probably a Behringer Xenyx) so the stereo outs of my DTX will go straight into that (it also has 4 x XLRs for future recording of my acoustic kit). I have two queries that I can't get my head around however:
1. I want to try and record the video just with the laptop's built-in webcam if I can.
2. I want to play along to tracks and mix both audio sources together and sync with the video.
How would I set this up to record the video and audio whilst simultaneously playing and recording the backing track?
What (ideally free) software will I need?

Thanks for any help/advice
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