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Default Re: New pedal from Malleus.

Originally Posted by Les Ismore View Post
Yeah, its all about the feel.

If a pedal is put together by guess work in relation to the feel it ultimately provides, all the precision machining and top materials are pretty much moot.

No guess work here - months and months of design + CAD/CAM.
Over 100 years of collective drumming between the people involved.

Also, unlike larger outfits, we listen to the customers.
If enough people request a change (IE a forth beater position) - we'll release it.
From Generation 1 to Generation 3 a forth beater position was added. This position mimics the axis pedal beater placement.

Other changes/requests from customers -
- Better spring adjuster - Generation 3
- Split board pedals - in design - demand is currently low
- Double middle pedal - in design - demand is currently low
- More towbar pin placement options - updated on Generation 2 + 3
- Trigger system - In design for over a year - To be released July / Aug
High demand for triggers.
Customers have been kind enough to point

- Malleus beater - now available (see pics) - The Incus Hammer.
(with a cntr weight that actually makes a difference to the feel)

If enough people request change, we'll look into it - perhaps we'll do it!
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