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Default Re: What's your favorite Single Pedal? I need some help!

Originally Posted by sbrennt View Post
I just discovered the screws holding the hinge to the heel plate on my old DW5000 have eaten away at the screw holes, and the teeth on half the cam have deteriorated to little nubs . the chain keeps falling of the cam, and the foot board now pivots side to side. The heart rate monitor for this thing is getting pretty dang close to flat. Its been good to me for 9 years. and I'm the second owner! who knows how old it really is...

So i narrowed its replacement down to three:
1) DW5000 (stick with the old faithful brand, get another decade+ of use)
2) Tama Iron Cobra (flexi, power, or rolling glide...I'll just have to try em)
3) Tama Speed Cobra (same price as IC, and its supposed to be faster. Who knows, maybe I'll like the long board)

You guys helped knock the eliminator off my list. Now I just have to try em out at GC.
Good luck in your search! Let us know what you go for :)
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