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Default Re: Is it me or are the new Evans 360 G2 Coated heads sounding thinner?

Originally Posted by audiotech View Post
The earlier 360 heads were not labeled as such on the heads or boxes. I guess it was just one of those things that Evans thought that it might be a plausible advantage to their manufacture of their drum heads, especially the way they were promoted. What beginner wouldn't want a supposedly "easier" to tune drum head? For me personally after receiving the quantity of dead G2 coated heads, I'm slowly beginning to switch my G1 coated to Remo Ambassador coated and my G2 coated to Remo Emperor coated heads. I've already invested a small fortune on the conversion.


I hear you Dennis! I just dropped a little bit of dough for my snare and toms today. I grabbed some Vintage Emperors. I have a feeling I will be spending much more money on other heads. I am still trying to find out what works best on my Grestch Renowns. I am wanting a deep ambient sound with short/medium sustain.

It may turn out that the Renowns are just not for me. Long story how I wound up with them.
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