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Anthony Amodeo
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Originally Posted by audiotech View Post
I really believe that Drum Dials and Tunebots are a waste of time and money,
Dennis in most cases I completely agree ...I have been tuning by ear and feel for nearly 30 years and in the ideal situation trust nothing more than that

I have had a couple situations where tunebot and iDrumTech have come in very handy

one was when I had to change a head in a noisy club while the opening band was playing .
I hit the filter button...pulled up my saved setting for that specific tom.....and boom under 2 minutes I had matched the setting.
set it up on the stage and it sounded exactly how I wanted it to sound.....and I never heard it until line check

another was at a record date where the producer insisted I tune my toms to specific notes .
I would have never been able to do it without the help of an electronic device ....which I almost didn't bring that night
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