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Default Re: New KickPort bass drum port anyone tried one?

Originally Posted by rtliquid View Post
I seem to recall that there were some issues/complaints about rattling in the first gen Kickports. They supposedly addressed that and made some changes in the Kickport 2.

They did indeed. They're using a different composition in the rubber of the collar, and it (the collar) is now replaceable.

Any/all rubber will eventually fatigue with use, and in KICKPORTS case that's what was happening, the rubber got wacked-out, loosened up over time.

If you can't hear a low freq boost after installing KICKPORT in any drum, you may have issues hearing low frequencies. Hearing a difference and liking it are two different things also.

The effect KICKPORT produces is a concentration in the low 30hz range, which is about thee limit of most speaker systems in the most widely used situations. You need about 37.5 feet from your bass drum to the wall to produce a 30 hz wave, a 30hz wave is that long.
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