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Default Re: Are heavier gauge cheap sticks more durable?

Originally Posted by PDL View Post
Question. Do you want to snare rim shot every hit? If that's a yes then there is no solution as cheap sticks will break either the same or easier. If the answer is no then adjust you snare height and or angle.
I don't insist on a snare rim-shot but I do use it a fair bit - my mounted toms have never been parallel to the ground or anything so that's not a factor. As it happens I had considerably less wear on the part of the stick which makes contact with the snare hoop when I regularly played a snare with a wooden hoop. Since I've switched back to a snare with a (triple flanged) steel hoop I've started shredding sticks again.

Not that I shred sticks at an alarming rate - it's just being as skint as everyone else is these days I am intrigued to know whether budget sticks can ever be cost effective or are typically a false economy.
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