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Originally Posted by sillywabbit View Post
didn't want to tune by ear yet as i don't know what sound i'm really looking for just yet. I'm sure i'll figure out soon at least what sound i don't like. i'll have to read up on tunebot

i was trying not to get hung up on the numbers but i didn't want to apply too much tension to a bass head. when i hit 72 with hand tightening and then i hit 75 with a 1/2 turn on the lug, it still seemed a little loose. I was afraid to go up to 80(tom numbers) thinking i might over stretch the head.

Thanks for the advice.
I use a Drum Dial and I love it. It will get you about 80 percent of the way there and save you about 80 percent of the time, compared to ear tuning.

Thicker, stiffer heads will register with a higher number, even at zero tension. So don't get too caught up on any particular number that someone recommends to you. As long as the number is consistent from lug to lug, that's what you really want. Once you get the same number from lug to lug, and the drum sounds fairly good, then you can fine-tune using your ears.
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