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Please feel free to do a search on here for many, many topics pertaining to using the Drum Dial and settings.

The reference chart that comes with the DD is only "reference". The reference numbers may or may not work for you. Only your ears and your situation will know for sure what numbers work best for you.

That being said, please don't let the "tail wag the dog". Meaning don't tune to a number - tune to a relative pitch. Once you find that pitch that sounds best to you, then take a note of the numbers so for your own future reference. The benefit of getting your own numbers is when the time comes to change the heads, you can get to your range perhaps faster than if not. The are others who feel it takes them longer to tune with a DD. To each their own. No one is right or wrong. Like anything else, everyone does what works for them.

Different heads will require different numbers on the DD for the same pitch. 2 ply versus single. Even coated versus clear can require a different number.

Obviously you also need to follow the proper methods of seating a head and equal tension around the drum as well.
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