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Default Re: I'm just a "feel" drummer so I don't need technique, right?

I would like somebody to show me the absolute correct "technique" for any given drum phrase. Because I dont think there is any one correct way to play the drums.

I will use a sports analogy here, sorry for those of you who dont get the reference:

In Baseball, the goal of the pitcher is to throw the ball in such a way as to get the hitter out. There are as many different ways to do this as there are pitchers. Sure, some coach will preach mechanics (technique) and tell you that you have to do it a certain way. But for every person doing it that way there are hundreds of other successful guys doing it completely different with better results. The bottom line is, there is no one right way to throw a baseball, and there is no one right way to play the drums.

Also find it interesting that a school is preaching the need for a correct drumming technique. Sound like they are "selling" the need for a proper technique to me.
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