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Default Re: I'm just a "feel" drummer so I don't need technique, right?

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I've always really liked Hal's stuff. However, I wish I could pick his brain and ask him where he thinks one should draw the line between immature and adult musical behaviour. At what point does one stop repetition and work entirely on other forms of practice?

The reason is actually based on the idea of building and maintaining brain-to-hand signal, which he makes a strong case for. A strong brain-to-hand signal is built by repetition. Myelin wrapping is the key and the process can continue through adulthood, though not as efficiently as in childhood.
I think Hal is referring to someone who started their studies as a child ....did all the ground work .......and built a solid foundation through repetition when he is speaking on that

I think when that is the case one will know when that transition happens ....and everyones point of transition will be different

I agree with his point that at a certain time in ones learning process repetition becomes pointless and you need to just play music .

when one reaches that point will vary but at that point playing and using what you have replaces what once was repetition

like when he says cant learn all the licks so learn the ones that appeal to you the most and use them in as many different ways possible .

also ...he is pretty much strictly speaking in terms of jazz and that if an adult practices with too much repetition it will show up in their playing ....and the last thing a jazz player wants in their playing is too much repetition

so if a jazz player has done his groundwork , built his arsenal techniques, developed certain ways that he/she enjoys playing and they are ready to fly from the nest so to speak ........then just play ...make music ...and start that leg of your journey

that leg of the journey will continue to improve upon your technique, and that ground work....just minus repetition and repetitive phrases and exercises .....and instead ideas , melody , and musical conversation

if someone is learning to play as an adult, or learning a certain style as an adult ....then they will need that repetition for many many years
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