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Default Re: My favorite sticks

I've been doing a lot of searching for the 'right' pair of sticks recently and I was really impressed by some Vater Manhattan 7As. Unfortunately I caused a chunk to be taken out of the middle due to excessive rimshotting (I was getting the technique down, ok?) but they were excellent sticks. If I find more Vater dealers I will consider making a conversion permenantly.

Right now I'm using ProMark 5As. Nothing special with the size, but excellent sticks. Some slightly slippage problems in matched grip but that's most likely down to me rather than the sticks. I'm really impressed with Pro Mark as I've gradually become more and more annoyed with Vic Firth's sticks not lasting the distance.

I found my first pair of Vic Firth 5As lying around the other day (my first ever pair of sticks) and they just felt a lot denser and better made than the other Vic Firth sticks I had in my bag. I couldn't play with them though, they were cracked severely; I keep them for sentimental reasons.
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