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Default hi-hat stand recommendations?

Can I impose on all of you for some gear recommendations?

I'm looking for an inexpensive (less than $100.00) hi-hat stand. Two legged, with an adjustable tension. Could any of you recommend a hi-hat stand that fits these limitations?

I am using now an Iron cobra lever glide that I leave at home or take to gigs. It is a good stand, but I did not want to purchase one of these used.

I leave some inexpensive equipment in my car for when I go to the rehearsal studio to play, so I do not want to be very disappointed when or if the local thugs break into my car and take what does not belong to them.

I need the adjustable spring tension because I have a problem with my left foot called a "dropped foot." This is the result of a back injury. The adjustable spring tension allows me to find the right tension so that I can play the hi-hat easier.

I would like a two legged stand so that I can use a double bass pedal close to the hi-hat. I suppose, if there was a three legged stand that allowed the three legs to rotate away from the area where the bass pedal would be, this would also work.
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