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Default Re: Dunnett R-4L 2011/12 Model Vs 2013 Model???

Ok, maybe it's not worth the effort then. I kind of like the idea of hot-rodding my Supra with the Dunnett strainer, but I hate to order stuff from the net and then ship it back when it's not working....

So P-32 fits, but P-33 (die-cast) doesn't? Good to know, I might have made a mistake there. I think I'll try one more time to make it work with original parts, maybe try a different kind of string to attach the snare wires, it occured to me that what I'm using now might be slipping. And if that doesn't do it, I can get a new P-85 or 86 easily from Helsinki where I live.

Thanks for the reply Karl, much appreciated!

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