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Default Re: Disapointed in ProMark.

Hello Gentlemen,
Let me first introduce myself, My name is Robert Caniglia and I am on the ProMark product management team. I am terribly sorry for your negative experiences with ProMark. Truth be told there was a lot of quality control issues with ProMark historically. But I can say since D'Addario purchased ProMark 3 years ago we have made some real strides in improving the sticks. We have gone all the way back to our sawmill in TN to change how we cut the wood. This is insure the straightest grain possible for our dowels. We have spent over a million dollars to convert from back knife lathe cutting to centerless grinding technology. We have gone leaps and bounds beyond what ProMark was and we aren't finished yet. If either of you can Email me your information and the sticks you have had trouble with, I would like to rectify this situation as best i can. Email

Originally Posted by IDDrummer View Post
I have long been a fan and user of ProMark, but sadly, yes I have experienced this. I got a couple of hickory sticks that felt as light as balsa wood, and have not bought any ProMarks in quite a while.

Not a big deal if you can try before you buy, but if you order, that's not a good situation.
Originally Posted by ISeekTheForest View Post
Recently I bought 2 value packs of Pro Mark Millenium 2 5B's. The buy 3 get one free deal. When I purchase a value pack I expect the sticks to be made with the same quality as normal. The last 2 times I've had sticks that are not dense and break very fast. You can also hear they don't pull tone out of the drums as well either.

Has this happened to anyone else? Are my expectations crazy?
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