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Default Re: Are heavier gauge cheap sticks more durable?

Originally Posted by Bad Tempered Clavier View Post
If one were to try B-stock sticks (e.g. VF Nova, Pellwood B-line etc), would the heavier gauges necessarily be more durable - ie would a 2B be generally hardier than a 5A - or would the difference be negligible? I realize that there isn't much in it when it comes to the tip of the stick, but my sticks tend to go at the snare-rim-shot point so I wonder if a thicker stick would compensate for lower quality wood.
I don't see that happening. Larger sticks will do other things like give a bit more volume with a little less effort and a change in tone or timbre but, IMO, you won't save money by getting a slightly bigger stick.

I waste my sticks in the same place and have just resolved that they are going to wear in that area. I replace them well before breaking for two reasons. The first is when I play cross stick (which I do a lot) I have a problem with feeling the splintery area when that starts to happen. I can use the stick but it's distracting. The second is at some point the stick starts to lose integrity towards the center of the stick and I can feel that too.

If you're trying to save money you may want to try these sticks from Aquarian. I'd venture to say you'd save money even if you are using cheaper sticks. The Aquarian's cost more but will hang in there a very long time compared to wood sticks. You have to be ready for a slight difference in feel and sound but for louder music you probably wouldn't hear much although you the feel would be different.


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