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Default Re: OT: Tornado Alley

Originally Posted by Toolate View Post
This is an enormous disaster really on a financial and human level with many casualties yound and old and no doubt many more to come. The weather is definitely changing with each year that passes and the storms, to me anyway, are just the high points in a curve that is definitely different than it was 20 years ago.

Keeping all those people in my thoughts. Drums are great (not OT see mods)
People have been saying stuff like that an predicting the end of the world for thousands of years. The difference is that we have a much larger population on earth (more people living in higher risk areas), and a 24 hour news cycle. Bad news sells, and with this 24 hour, instantaneous news cycle, we are there "as it happens". The Weather Channel should be renamed The Disaster Channel, because that's about all it reports.

More perspective here:
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