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Originally Posted by StickIt View Post
Polly, I am feeling solid, thanks! I enjoy living in the gray, so I have probably had a total of 10 smokes in the last 6 days. A lot better than 10 packs. BTW, tobacco w/lower nicotine levels than in standard commercial smokes, or something else entirely....or just no response I suppose is okay too :).
A good start. Spending a week or more with zero cigs is the next step.

My turning point was going to a health retreat where I could not smoke at all, no caffeinated drinks and no booze for 10 days. I did use (and stiill do) small amounts of nicotine gum. I think that's as good as it gets. No smoking or coffee or tea was huge for me but I got through and felt good at the end.

I'm not sure I can be sane to a level I find acceptable without any nicotine at all. When you are exposed to nicotine every day from the egg onwards I suspect it becomes entwined into the systems of your body and mind as they develop. The few days I've had with zero nicotine - not even gums - I became a despondent irritable weepy paranoid wreck. It was embarrassing. Then I got guilty because despondent irritable weepy paranoid wrecks don't exactly spread around little rays of sunshine and I was treated everyone around me badly.

Gum, coffee and cones (no spin!) and I'm happy. Not perfect but it doesn't matter.

// end Facebook entry :D This morning I had muesli with rice milk and a coffee. Then I surfed a while and had a shower haha. They do that kind of shit on Twitter too, don't they?
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