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Default Re: Show off your Zendrum!

Originally Posted by edoctorsmith View Post
I've got 3 different rigs depending on my musical situation. My main rig is the “Papa Bear” Zendrum ZX rig, which consists of a 2.16 Ghz Intel MacBook Pro with GarageBand ’11, BFD2 and iDrum, a Gator Laptop Tray, Tascam 1800-USB MIDI interface, an SKB Gig Rig & Roto Roller with Gig Wing, a Mackie 1202 Mixer and 2 Mackie SRM 450 monitors, Alesis Quadraverb, Alesis DMPro, and a Roland TD-7.

The “Mama Bear” rig is a 10 x 10 Raxxess Converta Rack, with Gator tray, Mackie 1604 Mixer, Yamaha Rev 5, Alesis D4 and a Fastlane USB MiDI interface. For light travel, I “Baby Bear” rig; an SKB Studio Flyer with a M-Audio Fast Track Ultra 8R, a Zendrum Battery Box by Futureman’s tech Chris DeHaas, MIDI Jet Pro wireless and an Alesis D4.

That is very cool! I'm only playing a Roland TD-10 with my Zendrum now (its a big step up from the ol' Roland R5 and R8 of 20 years ago) so I'm really happy with it. I use an older PowerBook for iTunes control of my MIDI tracks instead of running a sequencer and modules like I used to - less hassle!

But my main PA consists of a couple of Yamaha A15 cabinets, a Crown XLS1500 power amp and an Allen & Heath ZED10FX mixig console (the cute small one - it's super clean in the sound department). It's good to see what others guys are doing with their Zens and how they work with them. Thanks!
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