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Originally Posted by alparrott View Post
As Todd noted, a drum shield won't do much for keeping noise from leaking out into the neighborhood. They tend to cut out the high-frequency cut and bleed a little (which is their primary use, to prevent certain things from getting into other mics on stage and to keep the drum mics mixed more cleanly), but the bass freqs will just rumble right next door. And if you buy a four-panel or five-panel (in other words, not 360 degrees) drum shield, you're reflecting the highs in another direction.

Foam will cut down sound reflection a lot more than will the drum shield. But for true soundproofing, you need a room-within-a-room, and those are costly.

Do a search on soundproofing or sound reduction here on the forum and you'll easily find a hundred threads, all of which will say what I just said.
Exactly what he said!!! There are no shortcuts to sound reduction and a sound shield will not achieve what you want it to.
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