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Default Re: English drummer killed in attack.

Originally Posted by BacteriumFendYoke View Post
Would you say the same thing if they were English? I suspect not.

Yes, there are plenty of arguments about controlling immigration that are not screaming and incoherent. In the grand scheme of things, two translators at 45,000 Pounds a year is nothing compared to the (so-called) 'native' population of Britain that likewise are a drain on local resources.

You are ignoring the fact that the established English population are also capable of acting in exactly the same manner you are ascribing to the immigrant community. Where I live, the immigrant population (a large Sikh minority) are anything but a drain on local resources and it is elsewhere that the problem lies. I am not painting with a wide brush to say that I have never once had any issue with an immigrant community beyond isolated incidents that have also occurred with non-immigrants. If my neighbours left crap in my garden, I'd contact the appropriate authorities - regardless of whether they were Nepalese, Irish, English or Chinese.

The fact that you feel the need to paint the 'Nepalese' with a wide brush and ascribing negative characteristics to an entire race of people speaks volumes about the credibility of your testimony.

You're not a racist yet you don't like 'The Nepalese'? Well, that's racism right there. If you said the same thing about 'Black People' or 'Nigerians' or 'Pakistanis' you would likewise be called racist. You are a racist.

Sorry to be pedantic but I actually said I don't like 'the Nepalese that have ruined my area' not every Nepalese in the world.

The fact is that these particular problems would not be here if we had an influx of English people (translators and language restricted services). You can't argue about that!

It's only a wide brush if it's a majority - which it is - and until you experience it first-hand you couldn't possibly understand.

A forced 12% rise in population without any help from the government to support their decision financially in the area is wrong and unfair. As for our native 'drains', that's a wholly different matter and endless debate.

Call me what you will, I chose my words carefully and I stand by them.
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