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Default Re: English drummer killed in attack.

Originally Posted by brittc89 View Post
So what are you saying? Be honest. What do you think of people from Nepal? ALL OF THEM. They make your life worse, right? ALL OF THEM? That's all that matters, right? Because you're self-admittedly a racist, right? Draw your line in the sand bro and get out. Or is possibly the fault of anything else? YOur gov't can't cope? Or what? But really, it's the Nepalese people you don;t like. Change is evil.
Actually, I know a handful that are lovely people. The MAJORITY, however, are a nuisance and a drain. Sorry but its true. I'm not a racist, I'm a realist and say it how I see it. I grew up in a multilingual household, with friends from all over the world.

Whatever. I don't like the Nepalese people that have ruined my area. There, cards on the table.

Positive change is good, negative is evil.
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